Korrnell Ritz Taichung

Hi, does anyone have any info on this school? I have an offer from them but want to know what it’s like working there. TIA

Hi! I’m also looking for info on this school. Did you find any?

Avoid at all costs. If anyone would like any info, I’m happy to reply via PM.

I’m new here and how to PM? I also want to know more about Korrnell Ritz.

I gave you PM rights.


Thank you @Marco.

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Hi, I got an offer from Ritz Academy. Can you give me an advice. Thanks!

ill give you some advise regarding that school.
Don’t Go


Interesting theres 8 Glassdoor reviews and almost nothing across the two (relatively anonymous) online forums used most frequently by foreigners… then again, no matter how many people warn others, there’s always someone willing to risk it and take a job…

thats because the libel law here is quite liberal. if you post something publicly (even if its true) they can still (try) sue you. even if they know they will lose they know it will give you a a lot of hassle and waste your time and money. I witnessed many incidents first hand during my 4 years there. lets just say if I were to post them in a public forum, they would rather use their resources to try and squash one post, instead of using those resources to rectify the situation.
Glassdoor is one of the truly anonymous websites and although I havent posted there, i do know some who have

They are some reviews.

Why do people want to work in this industry in general?.It’s just…urgghhh. Poor pay, poor conditions, poor career progression, poor management, unstable. Why would somebody come to Taiwan to work in schools here these days?

I kept reading online that the food was good


Well, I like my job, but I found it by interviewing schools with a checklist of “immediate nopes” (based on previously experienced shit) in my mind. One nope = we can end this interview right here and I’ll see myself out.