Ktown wants its monkeys to stop monkeying around

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Is it gonna work? Those monkeys are second and third generation (if not more) pilferers. And pan handlers thanks to all those folks that have been feeding them.

What can they do? Outside of capturing the whole lot of them and sending them deep in the mountains to carve out a new hang out?

They’ve got their work cut out for them. They’ll be dealing with monkeys that are reportedly clever enough to milk goats: [quote=“On October 13, 2001, the Taipei Times”]Tsaishan residents said that they have often seen the monkeys milking goats in the past, adding that they tended to appear in the morning and would hang around with the goats in order to steal their food. Not satisfied with this petty larceny, they then grab the goats’ teats and milk them.[/quote] taipeitimes.com/News/local/a … /13/106877

One approach would be to put up big signs warning people about “CHV-1, also known as Monkey B virus”: [quote=“On June 07, 2005, the Taipei Times”]Health officials yesterday warned hikers and tourists not to feed wild monkeys, saying that a potentially deadly virus had been discovered among some 30 Taiwanese macaques.[/quote] taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … 2003258281