Kuang hwa computer market ... is it

closed on Tuesdays, or out of business?

I spent nearly an hour driving there today only to discover it was like boarded up, and I couldn’t park my car… What happened?


It’s only just opened! Might be closed on the second Tuesday of each month or something, not every Tuesday.

I like the way they made it bigger. The aisles are so much bigger that it is hard for people to stand around and block your way. But they still manage to do it.

I was there over the weekend. It was definitely open then, and the way people were buying, you’d think the global economy was in perfect health.

It’s closed every Tuesday afaik, as that’s their one day off a week…
Did that mistake before as well…

Shit. I’ll have to burn this information into my brain. I can just imagine taking the bus from Jinshan to Taipei only to bang my head on the doors at guang hua. Tabarnak indeed.

Quan wha is always closed on Tuesday.

Quan Wha? Wtf kind of romanization system is that? :roflmao:

Romanization taiwan style - everything counts, as long as they don’t really read it…