Kuanghua Market demolition - photos

Some photos of the Kuanghua market overpass being torn down, Taken Jan 29, 2006. Posting a link here if anyone is interested to see. I went past the market 2 days before (without my camera) and they were just begining the process. When i went back to take a few pics, it was 3/4 of the way gone already. Most of the photos are the main enterance area. If anyone wants larger images just send me a pm.

check either of these links:


flickr.com/photos/60716134@N00/s … 058345511/

Thanks for the photos. Another example of Taipei mayors and the Godzilla complex.

At least they left the banyan trees standing.

Wha Wha What?! Is this the same Guanghua market that sells all the anime and computer goods? HUH?! My brain… not… computing. I thought Guanghua was like a national treasure or something. I mean, the place has so much history it just seems… odd…

What’s happening to all the shops?

All is well. It is been moved a bit closer to Civic and to the left into a “temporary” home. Look for the computer thread in the teck forum.

It’s gone, gone, gone…:frowning: