Kung Fu (or other martial arts) in Taichung

I am looking for a place where I can learn kung fu (or perhaps another martial art) in Taichung. I am a complete beginner and speak no Chinese. I know there have been a few threads on the martial arts topic but mostly concerning Taipei. If anyone has any ideas please post them! Thank you!

I can point you to numerous schools in Taizhong that do some of the styles that i do here in Taipei. But almost all of them will require that you take the class in Chinese. I don’t know how comfortable you’d be doing that.

I also don’t know what you might be interested in taking. But my recommendation would be the taiji, xingyi, bagua, and shaolin systems brought to Taiwan by a man named Chen Pan-ling. His students are heavily concentrated in Taizhong, meaning you’ll have lots of choices.

The main organization is here:

Chen Pan-ling’s son’s webiste is here:
(This is a PDF file with contact info in Chinese)

Other than that, I have lots of info about these systems on my blog: formosaneijia.com

Let me know if you have any other questions.

netrealist, Hi I’m :bow: really interested in finding a teacher that can any of chen pan ling teachings in taipei, any ideas

I’m authorized to teach those arts through Chen Pan-ling’s son but I don’t do much of that now. If you’re interested, PM me and tell me if you’re looking for classes, private lessons, etc. Thanks.

edit: I used to be netrealist. :slight_smile:

I am new to Taichung and very keen to start studying a martial art. I speak a very little Chinese so I am looking for tution in English - or in Chinese if you are willing to deal with my lack of understanding! Classes or private tution. I am looking forward to studying an art form and any suggestions would be much appreciated. Lisa :slight_smile: