Kushikatsu in Taiwan (Daruma)

I see on google maps there was 3 Daruma kushikatsu restaurants in Taipei but they all seem to be closed according to google maps.
Anyone know of any kushikatsu place still open?

I’m not really into the deep fried breaded foods but I might have one or two of these that are available at the abundant Japanese barbecue and izakaya restaurants around.

There are pockets of similar restaurants around like for instance around corner of Ximen Dadao and Yanji.

Search on google maps for 大阪烤串台灣 That will pull up quite a few places, like 20ish places in Taipei

kushi kushi in taipei is pretty good. their chicken wings are bomb dot com.


That’s one I like.

I didn’t think it was official kushikatsu.

But it’s good.