Labor insurance - anyone filed any claims?

Hi all
My pay withholding includes labor insurance every month (ARC permit). Can someone tell me what is the benefit of this? Has anyone used it and filed any claims?


Edit: reading thru this

I guess most of it is geared towards elderly disabled workers or accidental death?

One thing I notice there is childbirth. Does this mean regular NHI doesn’t cover that ?

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When my dad died I filed a claim and got a decent chunk of money. The filing process was a bit of a pain as I had to get documents certified back in the uk, but it did help. There are other things you can claim on, I believe if you get fired you get a certain amount of money for a few months, and if you get into an accident on the way to and from work you can claim too. Beyond that I’m not sure.

But was your dad a resident of Taiwan ?


Nope, the documentation I needed certifying from the uk was my birth certificate and his death certificate.

Wow I didn’t expect that. So a young woman who has a delivery, but may have lost a job recently and has no family would have no coverage.?

If she was pregnant and eligible for the benefit when she quit, she may be covered, iiuc. Maybe if she is not covered by other similar benefits.

I’m confused. This says.

“ NHI covers prenatal check-ups and labor and delivery services for pregnant women under all circumstances to safeguard the health of mothers-to-be.”

So doesn’t NHI cover it ?

I thought you asked about maternity benefit of Labor insurance.

this is, no it doesn’t mean it.

Yes. What I’m trying to understand is if we have NHI coverage thru work and we also pay labor insurance premium, what is the maternity benefit that LI covers?

So for someone on ARC, would their spouse be covered under NHI or LI for maternity ?

Nhi covers medical cost. Maternity benefit of Labor insurance is
a 60-day lump-sum payments based upon the 6-month average of insured salary before the delivery or premature delivery date. (for people who withdraws from the insurance, the month of withdrawal)

paid maternity leave, if you are eligible. but only for working women, you cant claim one for your wife.
the medical bill is covered by NHI

Ah ok. We’re talking about leave. Ok I understand now. Thanks.

On that note, do you know if NHI covers costs for delivery including if the mother has to undergo emergency surgery, etc ?

yes, as long as she has arc and is covered by nhi this is included, as well as the first 30 days of the child. however, once your child is born, there is a 6 month waiting period for eligibility (since the child is a foreigner ).
its awkward, but they still havent changed it. even if both parents have arc and nhi the kid has to wait 6 months.

it was changed on babies of employed foreigners. From December 1, 2017, those babies should be enrolled since the date of birth.

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maybe my knowledge is outdated, when my child was born a few years ago we had to wait 6 months. worth checking

Definitely changed.