Labor Pension ATM Card

Has anyone tried getting a Labor Pension ATM card from your bank? Basically the card tells you how much you can get in Pensions in Taiwan through your work.
“(3) Using the “Labor Protection Card” at an ATM machine owned by the card-issuing bank:
The laborer must first apply for and obtain the Labor Protection Card from one of the 5 financial institutions designated by the Bureau of Labor Insurance (Land Bank, E.Sun Bank , Taipei Fubon Bank, Taishin International Bank and First Bank). The worker may insert the Labor Protection Card into an ATM machine owned by the card-issuing bank and make a query about the 6 most recent transactions on his or her account and balance information.”



How to get a card is discussed in this thread:

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You can also get the info online via Citizen Digital Certificate, which you can apply when renewing your ARC