Lactaid pills....lactose intolerants anyonymous!

Hey guys,

I’ve been here a few months and have been totaly shocked with the lack of availability of lactaid or generic lactase pills…i thought that lactose intolerance would be a real issue here…i was pretty surprised at the surplus of milk based products…from waht i know, most asian cultures had the non lactose producing genes but i guess taiwanese ppl got lucky…being a genetic thing…they are exempt from 2/3rds of the world…if yu are NOT lactose intolerant, yu are in the minority…w00t thanks china!

HOWEVER…there must be at least someone, SOMEWHERE on this island that has the same condition as me and has figured out a way to deal with it… so please tell me if yu know…i’ve given up on asking pharmacists cuz all they can reccomend is stuff like beeno which is quite a different enzyme…heh