Does anyone here besides me rejoice in the fact that the Motown boys beat L.A. on their homecourt in Game 1 to set the tone for the series? I might be the only guy from L.A. who despises the Lakers. :laughing:

I watched the first game live. I’m going for the Pistons all the way, baby!

Actually, I’m starting to get tired of the commentators unceasingly referring to Detroit’s “ugly” brand of basketball. It ain’t ugly, it’s good defense! Would they prefer that the finals be a 4-game series (well, now 5-game series) where the Lakers walk all over the Pistons, scoring at will?


Both of you need to have your faces slapped. :laughing:

:raspberry: :laughing: :thumbsdown:

Steve and PP,

Great, I have just decided to blow off Aikido to watch the game…and it’s all your fault. :smiley:

I haven’t seen Gary Payton hit a jumpshot all year. :cry:

Damn Lakers!


(I think we need a sweating smiley)

For gosh sake, how can anyone like the Lakers? They’re a bunch of overpriced, tinseltown toffs. Is anyone outside of LA actually sympathetic to the whole whiny Malone-and-Payton-never-won-a-ring treacle? Who the fuck cares! Basketball is dead if the final show is reduced to such monotonal melodrama.

Underdogs make for real drama. If they’re steely and workmanlike, then even better. The great story this year would be if the Pistons won. Some would even call it worthy of a Greek tragedy, with the “heroes” (blech) humbled due to a fatal flaw.

Go Pistons.

the lakers are entertaining, that’s why people watch them. :slight_smile:

people outside of la watch hoping to see them lose to the underdogs. laker fans watch to revel in the pain of laker haters when kobe & co. hit ANOTHER miracle shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

with the crazy shots that the lakers make all the time, they truely are blessed. or maybe they made a deal with the devil. :wink:

I want the Pistons to take it to 7 games and win it in triple overtime!

wallace - chump

payton - disappointment

bryant - cocky, but still fun to watch.

Would people rather see Malone get his ring? or see the “underdog” Pistons take it championship

Lakers all the way :slight_smile:

Kobe Bryant, upon a slam dunk," I’M INNOOOOCENTTTT!!!" slam

Got money on this?

Lakers take game 2. Unfortunate, but not unexpected. Blind chance saves the Lakers’ ass again. And the Pistons fail to grab a second chance in OT.

Back to Motown for 3 in a row…now if only the Pistons could sweep their home games. Not gonna happen though. I say they win 2 out of 3 at home. Then back to L.A. for a game 6, which I think they have shown would be winnable…as would a game 7. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will come down to lucky number 7…with the Pistons upsetting the “Buy-Us-A-Ring” Quartet and Co. :smiling_imp:

Why didn’t they foul Shaq on the inbound with 10 seconds left in the game? I think it was the Kings who did the same thing last year. Up by 3 and they don’t foul?!? What kinda schmuck passes for a coach these days?

Hey Piston fans…[color=red]Stare into our headlights, little bunnies. [/color]:twisted:

Not a Pistons fan, DB. Just want to see my rival team go down in flaming glory. :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue:

if blind chance happens again and again, is it still blind chance? :laughing:

yeah, pistons won’t win all 3 at home. you know who has won the middle 3 of a 2-3-2 before? la. in 2001. against larry brown and the 76er’s. the 76er’s won game 1 and came close to stealing game 2 at staples. then the lakers swept the 3 in philly and nobody remembers how close they were to being up 2-0 going home. hmm…does history repeat? :stuck_out_tongue:

as for the “buy-us-a-ring” remark, the lakers have a smaller payroll than dallas, sacramento, and minnesota. lakers aren’t the ones trying to buy a ring, my friend. :slight_smile: