Land-line phone options

Hi there,

I recently arrived in Taiwan and got internet with Huawei using their nifty wireless device. I shouldve gone with their landline option and wired adsl but I didnt realize it was probably the best choice at the time and ill have to pay a cancelation fee if i change.

Anyway, im looking to get a land line installed in my place. I probably wont end up using it to call out, however it’ll just be so people can contact me from overseas cheaper. I had a look on the zhong hua site but that diagram they have on there is a bit confusing.

Does anyone know what ill be looking at for this kind of basic land-line phone setup minus internet per month? and installation fees? or any other options… Any help at all would be great…


Cheaper than what? Skype?

As far as I know, and I could easily be wrong, there is no difference between calling to a land line or a mobile phone from overseas. Ask the people who will be calling you to check the rates and see if there is any difference. Mobile numbers begin with ‘area code’ 09.