Does anyone have any knowledge about how landfills in Taiwan work? What do they actually do with the garbage and how long is a landfill used in the same location? Is there a time limitation on how long each landfill can be used before the location is changed? Is it actually very hazardous to be living in the general proximity of a landfill?

Not to be overly cynical but you sound as though you think you live in a country which abides by rule of law.

Landfills in Taiwan are everywhere you can dump shit and not be seen.
This kind of thinking extends from the private citizen all the way up to Industry. If you can’t legally dump it or disposal may cost money you just shove it under the rug. We all live on or beside landfills.

If you don’t believe me take a look over the side of any road.

Well, I don’t know if that makes me feel better or worse… my problem is that I am thinking about buying a nice piece of property that has a great view. It’s just that it’s about a five minute car ride from an official landfill. People in the neighborhood say you can barely notice it, but the idea of an “official” landfill being there is somewhat different from ordinary litter. The real estate agent said that the time allotment for the landfill is almost up and that it will be moving facilities to Bali, and showed documents to that effect, but no official date has been set. And I’m not entirely trusting of the real estate agent, for obvious reasons, so I’m trying to dig up info on my own.

Dear NY: The highest population density of any country on earth populated by people who generally have no concern for the environment. In addition to a complete lack of respect for the law. You do the math.

If you actually believe that end of date landfill story the realtor gave you I have some great deals of land in Florida I want to sell you. :wink:

Just because it is supposed to happens does not mean it will, esp in Taiwan.

caveat emptor

Listen to shifty. He’s correct.

Reminds me of how when they were building that junior high school (middle school) over on Xinsheng S. Rd. just north of Jinhua Street and across from Da’an Park… with great fanfare, the government proclaimed that the school was going to be one of the first, if not the first bi-lingual Taiwan schools… the prices of homes in that area soared as people tried to move into the area so that their kids could go to the new school. Shortly before construction was completed, however, the government announced that the bilingual plan had been scrapped and that the school would be monolingual, just like all other Taiwan schools. :unamused: