Landing Visa Questions

OK here is the deal …I’m leaving fora bali in a month and then I’m coming back to Taipei for a month. I am a canadian citizen and I’m allowed a 30 day landing visa free of charge right??? Ok but here is the thing my ticket back from Bali is aactually to L.A. with a stop in Taipei …little do they know hahah I’m goign to get off in Taipei . so I don’t have to pay the fee to get my ticket changed…ok my question is this… Will I need to show a airline ticket leaving the country within 30 days when I enter the country again? Or will they just need to see it before I get on the plane??? What’s the deal here???

Last time my Mum and sis’ came to visit on a landing visa, one of them was asked to show the return ticket, the other not, just asked “how long do you intend to stay ?”…
My guess is that they can require it, but I don’t know what happens if you don’t…

Huh… I am not adding much water to your well, am I ?

It is a requirement that you have a ticket out of here in order to get a landing visa. I arrived back from Bali having burnt my 60 day extendable when I was studying at Shi Da. Although they were outrageopusly helpful and I as a Shi Da student had everything I needed to get an extendable visa, I was forced to book an outrageously priced ticket with China Air. Fortunately it was just to Hong Kong and I did end up using it for a visa run for another 60 day extendable.

If I were you I’d happily pay up to break your trip rather than get stung.


No it isn’t. I’ve got landing visas without return tickets twice, but the airlines will be very reluctant to let you on the plane to Taiwan with neither a return ticket nor a visa.