Langkawi Car/Scooter Rental and Food recommendation?

Anyone know about renting a car or scooter in Langkawi? Going over Chinese New Year for 6 days and would prefer to have my own transportation rather than relying on taxi rides to go everywhere.

Reading reviews, it seems like the restaurant in my hotel is not that great, so I’d like to ask any recommendations about what/where to eat. Thanks for any information!

Oh, and any idea how much cash I should prepare? I was thinking 20,000 nt for 2 people.

There are cars and scooters to rents there, can do it from the airport and from hotels. There is one main beach strip on the island where most of the restaurants/bars are, nice beach there too, then there are a few other places to eat like the marina and the cablecar area. It’s not a massive island so having your own transport will work out well if you get bored easily and don’t want to rely on taxis to get everywhere.

Car rentals are everywhere (and very cheap). Taxis are also very cheap and operate on set rates, even from the hotels.

Where are you staying? I’m fairly familiar with the island as I have been there about ten times…

As for how much money to bring, I would say 20,000 would be OK as long as your hotel is already paid for and you don’t want to do snorkeling trips, etc.

We liked the food court at the cablecar, if you’re near there. There’s a Thai restaurant out in the sticks in the east of the island that’s okay. You have to walk about a km over wooden walkways through mangroves to get to it, which is fun.

We always stay on Pantai Tengah and our favorite restaurant is the Cactus Cafe…the cheapest and best food around, not to mention the owners being the coolest people around! We love the place.

We’re staying at the Four Points by Sheraton. Free hotel stay thanks to credit card points. Reading online, it sounds like it’s a little far away from everything, but free is free!

Thanks for all the suggestions! Will do some research on locations and take them into consideration.

Ah, yes…that’s pretty far out, you will want to rent a car for sure. Nice hotel though!

We hit their buffet one night and it was overpriced and pretty awful, I would avoid it. Can’t remember if there is anything else in the area, but with a car you will find lots of little places anyway.