Language ability requirement for naturalization

Regarding acquiring ROC citizenship for married foreign nationals (1 APRC and 1 ARC)
If the spouse has already acquired citizenship, is the 72 hours minimum participating hours requirement also applicable under Special applicant?

  • D. Special applicant(either the foreign spouse of R.O.C. national, or by persons who, subsequent to divorce from an ROC national, have exercising responsibility of the right and obligation for the minor children, or above 65 years old): minimum participating hours, 72 hrs.


I’m not sure I understand you. “Has already acquired citizenship”?

if your spouse would get a nationality before you do, you would become a spouse of an ROC national, so the rule must be applied to you.

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I am not quite sure with the correct term.
We are both foreign nationals.
if my spouse (APRC holder) decides to apply for naturalization to acquire R.O.C. nationality, assuming eventually granted.

I see, I agree with @tando.