Language Identification Game

For Audio Hard: I got 550.

I got Dinka, Assyrian and Yoruba wrong.

For the script, I also got 550

I got Vai, Armenian, and Kannada wrong.

Vai script is awesome looking.


Did you do the hard level for script? I got 1,500. Missed Canadian Aboriginal and Devanagari.

I did the hard one. So if you only get 2 wrong you’d get 1500?

I played again, and got 3 wrong again, but my score improved to 750. I think if you get the later questions with more multiple options to choose from right, you get a higher score.

Lol what? It’s Turkish. I didn’t know what’s Babayin so I thought maybe it’s a dialect of Turkish or something.

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Apparently. I may have missed three. I’ll try the hard one later.

Written with Latin script.

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True I guess I got the assignment wrong. Turkish did modify a bunch of the alphabet though.

Apparently it’s a 3 strikes then you’re out kind of game… So if it ends, you’ve gotten 3 wrong.


Why can’t they all just write in American?

Maybe they do, but just in different scripts…

What language is this?

Is it
A. Gibberish
B. Catonese
C. Chinese




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I just saw this pic and reminded this thread