Language School Tuition?

If any one is using the language school method of obtaining a visa, could you tell me which school you use, and are you actually attending classes or is it just a visa mill? Also if any one has done visa runs to bangkok i was wondering if there was a Teco because i can not seem to find it, if not if i am going to stop in Taipei enroll in classes then go to bangkok for the visa run and a holiday where do i take care of my visa matters i will be entering taiwan using a multi-entry visa the first time. I beleive i have a good idea of how this visa thing will work but i am still a bit shady in areas, and i only have 2 days in taipei to arrange it before i leave for thailand. So if any one out there can help me it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you Ethan

This websitegives the address and phone number of every de-facto Taiwan embassy in the world.

Heres’s the address and phone number of the de-facto Taiwan embassy in Bangkok, Thailand:

20th Floor, Empire Tower
195 South Sathorn Road,
Yannawa, Bangkok

Tel: (02) 670-0228 if dialing from Thailand
or 002-66-2-670-0228 if dialing from Taiwan