Language teacher / sitter

Wondering the best way to find a chinese teacher / sitter for my 10 y/o. What I have in mind is someone who will spend a couple of hours with him 2 x per week. Could be a high school or college student and does not need to be an actual teacher, just engage son at an appropriate language level. One parent would always be present. W might make some shopping and eating out trips it give some context to engage in. Very open to suggestions

Maybe ask a colleague if they know of anyone? University students are often on the lookout for extra cash, so you could try putting a notice up at the nearest uni, but that’s a bit more random.

Petrichor, that is a good suggestions. I’m looking into it - thanks.

Hi, I am volunteering myself. I am Taiwanese native but live in UK after marriage. We are spending summer in Taiwan for the moment. For the following three weeks, as my son attends to a local kindergaten in GardenCity(花園新城) and I will be in Taipei(Xin-dian) area in the day time. I would love to have a chance to spend these hours in a meanigful way. I have professional language teaching background and my son is raised tri-lingual. Please let me know if anyone is interested. You can give me a shout to my temporary mobile: 0983 206125. Thank you.



Nice of you to offer. Too bad we are in Hsinchu and not Taipei.