Lanyu’s Tao to receive NT$2.55bn in damages

The funds would not be provided all at once, but rather in annual installments of NT$25 million, it added.

Bravo, President Tsai.
Hopefully the money will solely benefit the Tao community and no one else, and also be spread to all people (not just community leaders).


So 50 years from now, which town in Taitung or Pingtung will get billions in red envelopes after serious forms of retardation shape our landscapes in the future?

At least Tsia’s gov, shitty as they may be, made an effort to switch it off and gear towards sustainable devices.

Its not looking good for the future if oil, nuclear etc are the only future thoughts.

But hey, nothing breeds confidence like giving billions of dollars in bribes for fucking up everything short of a meltdown
Go nuclear :slight_smile:

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So around $1m CAD per year for 100 years?

That doesn’t sound impressive next to a figure in the billions, but it’s still better than nothing. :rainbow:

Good on them for gaining belated recognition for this top-down dictatorship era decision to use their homeland as a nuclear waste dump.

Now if they could only get that radioactive waste off their island and away from their homes.


And put where? Over the years their alternatives seem to be Pingdong or Taidng. Even higher population density. All the pro nuclear folks tend to shrug off waste dispos for some strange reason even though the gov admits they dont have a plan/sollution for this.

My guess is that Tsai is doing this as to try and motivate next years korean douche president to hurry up and find a sollution for the waste. She knows even HE cant take back aboriginal money on this one. Well played.

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