Laowai Movie - YUCK

So I’m sitting in my favorite vegetarian restaurant enjoying my food, when on comes the news report about two slovenly foreigners who made a low budget film about foreigners in Taiwan.

Of course the subtitles read: “TEACHER-STUDENT LOVE” and show this Taiwanese girl kissing her foreign teacher. Hmmm…

So now I’m feeling really uncomfortable in the restaurant and these slovenly movie maker guys start talking about their dumb movie. Yay! So, anyway, at least I wasn’t watching it with my teenage-girl students.

So anyway the whole news report was reminiscent of the white guy who farted in the onsen in Tokyo and talked about the bubbles with the reporter while everyone else tried to hide their faces under their hot-towels.

What’s this movie, people? Why does it have to SUCK so bad? Before you moderators boot my post - I DIDN"T say that the movie sucked, I simply asked “WHY” it sucks.

Is it this one? Its showing at this year’s Urban Nomad and your post makes it sound as if it matches the blurb pretty well.

[quote]Nineteen Seventy-four by Darin Caudle and David Bott 23 minutes
We didn’t ever expect anyone would make a good Taiwanese girl student-English teacher seduction movie. This film looks at the subject seriously and succeeds. It’s unflinchingly (and almost uncomfortably) real.

Don’t worry, that stupid bald American cockgoblin who’s been appearing on all the panel shows on TV lately’s probably already brought the reputation of foreigners here about as far down as it can go without us all just being deported.

I have a movie they could use for the film festival.