Laptop Recharge

for the battery of a laptop… is it possible to find a charger that plugs in to the walls over there… or how do many ppl power laptops in taiwan (im not sure of the power difference over there and was wondering what people do to get around this

Taiwan uses North American power standards. No need for a converter if you’re coming from there with the laptop.

oh weird… maybe thats just japan then :stuck_out_tongue: zzzappp

Most laptop power supplies are 110-230V and 50/60Hz, so it shouldn’t be a problem to use it in most places in the world.
Just need an adapter to match the different wall outlet, that’s all …

Most of Japan also uses the same voltage and plugs as the US. Parts of Japan use 50hz instead of 60hz, but like Rascal said, laptop power supplies nearly all come with power adaptors that will work with any common wall outlet (mine says 100-240v 50-60hz) with just a plug convertor that should cost US$2-5 most places.