Large Multinational Employers in Taipei?

Which large multinational companies have a large presence in Taipei?
e.g. HP has dozens of jobs posted. Intel has 3.

Hopefully the work conditions and compensation could be more like home.
I have met westerners working in the computer industry here making
US$18K a year and making US$50K a year. Like me, they have 10 years
experience. I’d like to get closer to six figures and I wonder who here
can pay that.

I’ll work my way through the Fortune 500 and Google. Would appreciate
your thoughts on which big companies have a big presence in Taipei and
what their work environment and compensation packages are like.
I’ll also look at the amcham web site and see who’s here.

Unless you’re going for the VP level or a particular specialist position that is so rare/in demand, you’re not going to hit 6-figures US salary ranges. Not even close. So don’t bother. The highest I’ve seen is high 5-digits but he got that during the fun dot-com days when money was over-flowing. It’s nice to have golden handcuffs. You might be lucky to scarf a VP position that’ll be up there, but, unlikely if you’re not fluent in Chinese and Taiwanese. And those VP positions are extremely scarce.

You’ll be luckier going to Shanghai for that kind of range.

I still can’t wrap my mind around how I used to make bank in the US and
now those days are so very gone. Even before the dotcom days there was good
money to be made. Guess I have to take my lumps. Lessons:

  1. Make hay while the sun shines
  2. Supply and demand… Repeat… Supply and demand…
  3. The Golden Rule: the people with the gold make the rules.

I’ll talk to a few recruiters but they will probably agree.
Appreciate the data point which may save me some time.

I figured that a technical position that required fluent English
with the home office, plus some grasp of cultural issues for marketing,
plus the fact that I’m already here and not everyone wants to move
8000 miles to an island with missiles aimed at it, could work in my favor.
Still if they can’t manage 80 or 90K I’d rather just play with my kids.

I guess the actual real money is in New York, or you mention Shanghai,
and, how about Hong Kong.