Large rolls of Xmas wrapping paper in central/eastern Taipei

The local 文具店 stationery supply stores only have teeny rolls, not large enough to wrap anything larger than a shoebox, and half of them don’t have Xmas paper anyway, just Hello Kitty crap. Costco used to carry packs of 6 or 8 long, large rolls of specialty paper, but the the Taipei Minquan bridge (Neihu) store doesn’t have any this year; neither does RTMart nearby – their selection is absolutely pathetic, with wrapping papers in tiny rolls placed with their Xmas stuff, but none of it is even Yuletide themed! :fume:

I know there may be some in Tianmu, but that’s a 2-hour round trip. Has anyone seen any in central or eastern Taipei? Thanks!

I got four large rolls for 99 NT infront of Jason’s in 101.

page one at 101
new eslite, dunhua eslite

Be careful with what local paper you end up buying…Last year, we got to wrapping paper a bit late, ran down to purchase whatever local product we could find, and started wrapping.

It wasn’t until we were about 90% finished that we realized our wrapping paper was unique in other ways other than it’s miniscule size.

In bold print on the paper, as well as a steaming drawing, our family and friends got quite a shock on X-mas day out of…

“The feces family” wrapping paper :noway: :astonished:

The Eslite bookstore at Taipei Main Station near Exit 8 has a small selection of four-metre rolls. The designs are simple and quite pretty, but each roll costs 175nt.

The store also has a satisfactory selection of some mid to high quality papers sold by the sheet. These will set you back about 70nt for one piece, which is less than a square metre in size. It could be worth it, though, especially if the gift recipient appreciates handsomely-wrapped boxes.

Thanks. $175 is a reasonable price for four to six large rolls, IMO, of the kind you’d expect to get in a bundled package at Costco (but which they don’t carry this year). Oh well, maybe I’ll just spray paint the damn things. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my wrapping paper at Costco Xi Zhi. they had two choices, 4 bundles for i think 200+ and a 'luxury"wrap with beautiful bows, ribbons etc for 500+

Oh, tks! :slight_smile: The Costco I checked was the Minquan bridge one in Neihu.

Any new info on this? Are there large, reasonably priced rolls at your local Costco now that Christmas is coming?

You know those little cubicle stores, where people sell stuff out of cabinet shelves? Well, the one next to the Exit #2 at Tapinglin MRT station has a whole wall dedicated to Christmas stuff. One of the “cubes” -dunno how to call them- has like 10 huge rolls from the US. Did not check out the price but usually stuff sold there is really cheap and these are the wallpaper size kind of rolls. (they also have ahnd made decorations and stuff if anyone wants to buy/sell some)

Thanks – but what line is Tapinglin on? Never heard of it. :blush:

EDIT: Never mind, just found da4ping2lin2 大坪林 on the Green line, fourth from the Xindian end. Thanks again! :slight_smile:



Only large ribbons left, 50nts per roll.

Ikea still has packs of six rolls with ribbons and all, but I think they were quite expensive, NT$250-300 range, but I’m not sure about the price. I also saw some stuff in RT Mart, but didn’t really pay attention as to what was on offer.

In Taiwan, it’s nice to have things like Christmas wrapping paper but remember, this is not a country that traditionaly celebrates Christmas other than putting up gaudy decorations and leaving it there for years on end. I just go to my local stationary store and get some nice bags. Gift goes in the bag and taped closed. I find most people prefer this as they not only get the gift but also a nice bag to haul around while shopping.

I checked out the IKEA paper, and aside from the 4 rolls of golden paper at 200, the others were not that attractive. If they were Christmasy, I did not see it -too modern for this old bones, perhaps?

My Taiwanese friend was having a blast with the silver paper, saying how much it looks like the stuff you use as wallpaper for the kitchen area and how you shouldn’t buy that to wrap a gift. Diolien! Diolien! :blush:

The Christmas trees and the packages of Christmas globes -300 something- were still the best buy items.

I concur with Enigma that the bags are convenient and useful. The ones at IKEA, though, did not seem Christmasy to me.

Was in NeiHu Costco last night & picked up a MONSTER roll. Depending on which label one reads, it’s anywhere from 39-49meters long. It was pricey (NT$475), but compared to the 6m long rolls I got at Eslite Hala for NT$175/each, it was a deal…Should last into the next decade.

We got our large rolls at IKEA (Dunhua N. Road), wrapped buttloads of presents including large ones, and still have some left over. It’s probably too late for this year though!

IKEA has all Christmassy stuff on half price sale. Bag of bows for 69nts, 6 paper rolls for 164 nts. By the exit, next to the cashiers.

The wrapping paper at Ikea was in very large rolls, so compared to the price of other wrapping paper in Taiwan, it’s quite economical. The stuff I saw was kraft brown, with little figures in either red or green on it, not obviously Christmassy (so you could use it around the year) but close enough to pass for Yuletide paper, and they also had solid red (again, good for year-round use). :thumbsup:

I didn’t see any at Costco Neihu or Carrefour, though.

Is Ikea still the place to go to for Christmas themed wrapping paper?