Large selection of import beer in Taipei (Bar/Restaurants)

Where can I find large selection of import beer ? Please advise.

Thanks in advance for any input.

[quote=“wanderfree”]Where can I find large selection of import beer ? Please advise.

Thanks in advance for any input.[/quote]

Breeze Supermarket in the bottom of the breeze department store (just north of the Zhingxiao-Fuxing MRT station and OdeonII. The latter is a bar/pub near Taida university. They have a 6-8 page menu just for the beer.

Address: 11, Lane 86, Xinsheng S Rd, Sec 3,
Taipei (台北市新生南路三段86巷11號) Telephone: (02) 2362 1358

Also check out the Beer Directory thread.
[ … ory#158214](Beer Alert & Directory III

There’s also Gerrt Anthonis who delivers a huge selection of Belgium Beer across the island (home delivery too).

Looks like the OP is asking about selection in bars and restaurants, rather than take-home retail. Mr Paco’s Pizza in Taipei near RenAi & Dunhua has some nice Belgian stuff.

Oh, :blush: . Well, Odeon II still counts, and has one of the biggest selections.

I’ll second Odeon for beer! :bravo:

haven’t they changed the name of the original odeon to some other strange name!! Why?? Think the owners might have changed!! Great place, though! Spent many a fri or sat night sipping and chatting :rainbow:

Bastille Cafe down one of the alleys in Shida has a selection of about 50-60 beers mostly from Belgium. I am not sure what the name of the alley is but if you go down the main street it’s the one with Jamaica Coffee at the entrance, you’ll see their sign, a pink elephant (Delirium logo).

Cafe Bastille has a branch in the NTU area at: 台北市溫州街91號. There’s very negative write up about the cafe branches here:

I say forget the food and just keep ordering the Belgian beer. Had Silent Night for the first time (Stille Nacht). I actually ordered something else but the waitress misunderstood. Can anybody say serendipity?

Bastille crushes most places in terms of Belgian ales.

Other joints of note with more than the standard Taiwan Beer/Heineken/Bud selection:

Gourmand (in the courtyard behind Red Theater in Ximendeng)
On Tap
The Tavern

Small selection at Ed’s Diner, but what they have is very satisfying.