Large Size Shoes in HK

Hi guys,

I’m going to HK this weekend. I have another topic for my travel plans in the Travel section. As I said there, I’m not really interested in shopping info for HK, but it just crossed my mind that I might have more chances of finding large sized shoes in HK than in TW (as illustrated by our long shoe topics here). So, would my hunch be right? Are there more foot opportunities in HK?

Said foot specs: approx. US13, or EUR47

Mmm, I guess I’ll just try big malls and try my luck there.

The malls are the best bet. I picked up a nice pair of timberlands in size US size 12. Much easier than hunting around here.

There is a Doc Martins store in Harbor City. I bought a pair of UK size 13 boots there about two years ago.