Last Day at Work - Salary Payment / Labor Insurance / NHI

Hi everyone,

It’s my last day at a job, and I am trying to figure out what should be happening with my salary.
(1) My contract ends 6/30; however the school says they will not pay me until 7/5. Is this legal? I thought that they school needed to pay me within 3 days of the last day of the contract, but I cannot find the relevant law now.

(2) For the last paycheck, is labor insurance deducted? That is, does labor insurance deductions cover the current month or the next month? I wouldn’t put it passed the school to pocket the money if they don’t need to pay.

(3) Same question for NHI – does the last payment of NHI the last month or the following month? I am interested in this answer because my next job doesn’t start until after the summer and I don’t know if I’ll be covered by NHI for the between months.


To answer your questions:

  1. Your company can pay you on the usual pay date (I’m assuming yours is the 5th) as long as you are not leaving the country prior to then.

  2. Labor insurance deductions cover the current month, so yes, they are allowed (in fact, required) to deduct it from your final pay check.

  3. NHI also cover the current month, so once you leave a job, you are no longer covered (with certain exceptions, but that is the general rule). The best to think about it is to think back to when you started the job. You were covered as soon as you started working for the company, and then the insurance cost was deducted from you first pay check that you received early the following month.

If you want to be covered during the months between your job, you can go to NHI’s offices to see what your options are. It’s hard to know without having more information about your situation (APRC vs. ARC, income, etc).