Late Night (after 2am) eats near Feng Chia

Hi, I have a whole slew of questions for the Forumosa community… but I’m going to start with the most important … FOOD :smiley:
We (family of 2 adults, a 4 yr old and a 8 mo old) are visiting from Boston later this year and arrive in Taipei at 11pm, which means we won’t get to Taichung until 2am. I know my husband is going to want to start the trip off with some late night snacking. We are staying right near Feng Chia Night Market, but my understanding is that the stands all close at around 12am, is that right?
Are there are other options in that area (within safe walking distance) for food? I think the McDonalds is open 24 hours…anything else Non-American? :slight_smile:
also, if you can think of any must-go restaurants/food stands in the night market or elsewhere in Taichung, that would be really helpful… We’re staying in Feng Chia for a few nights and then with family in the West district near minsheng east rd - we plan to go to the Zhong Hua and Yi Zhong night markets then too.
FYI - My husband and I are total foodies… we want to eat everything…


well there is definitely 7/11 and Family Mart with hot food available at least instant noodles in case the “fresh” food is sold out (likely at 2am). There are also special restaurants with buffet style food and dumpling, they open at 9pm till 6 in the morning. I am just not sure if one of them is close by. However don’t worry, you’ll find food there :slight_smile:

thanks, a friend of mine informed me there’s a lai lai soy bean breakfast place a mile away, so we’ll likely find our way there at 2am.Is that the kind of place you are referring to when you mentioned restaurants open from 9pm - 6am? I’m very intrigued by a place with those hours!

yeah that’s what I mean, they sell soy milk and fried stuff that you dunk in the milk. They also sell dumplings and more :slight_smile: