Late Night Snacks for the Small Kitchen

Well, here’s one done right but not so quick or easy. That follows;
Get some plum tomatoes. Those are the Italian oblong tomatoes that you often see in the market. Boil 2-3 for only a few moments or until the skin starts to peel. Pluck them out and peel them. When you can handle handle them, cut in half around the circumferance. They are tri-lobal. Plug your thumb into each of the cavities which will discard seeds and unneeded pulp. After de-seeding, chop fine. Add to a bowl and add a copious amount of crushed garlic, a little salt, (Caspian Sea Salt might be good) some black pepper and about 1/2 the existing quantity of tomato with a good virgin olive oil. I will add some costco crushed garlic if I have it, if not, hell.
Find some good baquets and slice diagonally. Toast the bread and smother with your spread. Good stuff.
Easy way in the middle of the night with your bottle of ?:
Blend some of those cherry tomatoes. Pour in olive oil to double the volume, sprinkle in some salt, sprinkle some pepper. While you do this, toast some sliced bread from 7-11 and when both are finished, enjoy. I feel like such a hack telling everyone my shortcut for a drinking snack, but hell, munchies are munchies and I hate pringles. This is healthier and, although ugly, tastes pretty damn good.

Shrimp stuffed mushrooms and houers de voures (did I spell that right?) Some cooked tiny shrimp from costco.
Some nice button mushrooms from the market. Get the large ones.
Wash the mushrooms and break off the stem, leaving only the cap. Save the stem but cut off the end Cut the end if it isn’t looking fresh. Chop some green onions, including the stem. Chop some peeled celery very fine. Add it to the Costco shrimp.
Next, Mix some salad dressing (or mayo) to make a nice mix. Pack the mushroom caps with the mix. No salt, no spices. Display and serve with some tortilla chips.
Next: Take the mushroom stems and chop. Chop some pickled mushrooms (from Costco) Add some green onion, chopped celery, crushed garlic, spices to taste, mayo or salad dressing to make a nice spread, be inventive. (green olives) Open a pack of Costco tortillas. Spread one with a copious amount of spread. Roll it as tightly as you can and slice around the circumferance. You’ll get numerous pieces.Again, Damn good stuff. Problem with this, is you gotta have some supplies.

Real onion rings:
Get a couple smaller yellow onions, peel and slice to thin slices. Seperate pieces.
1 cups all-purpose flour, stirred or sifted before measuring
1 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 egg, slightly beaten
3/4 cups milk
2 tablespoons melted butter
(OR USE COSTO KRUSTEZE OR BISQUIT MIX, dillted a bit with milk.
Mix the batter. Dip the onion slices and drop into HOT oil. Do about 20-30 slices at a time. Sprinkle with a combination of chili powder, salt (Caspian Sea Salt might work well) and a bit of the fake parmasian Italian cheese. Or forget the cheese. Either way, you got the real deal.

EDIT: OK, now it’s your turn.

One more and I am off to bed.
Some sugared popcorn. (I can post an easy way to make caramel corn upon request)
Sweet popcorn:
Just buy some popcorn in the bag. Not the microwave kind.
Pop however you see fit. I just use a frying pan with a cover. A tablespoon of vegetable oil and hold the whole thing over my cooker continually shaking the pan until it stops popping. Open it up and put into a big bowl.
Get a saucepan, add 2 parts sugar and one part condensed milk. (NOT MILK) Bring it to a boil. When the sugar has disolved and the mix is at a rolling boil, add a shake of salt and, if you have it, a squirt of vanilla flavoring. If not, don’t worry. Now dribble the boiled mix over the cooked corn. Now, just stir the whole thing until the boiled mix cools. It will coat the corn kernals and the longer you stir, the tougher the stirring will get. When the whole mix has cooled, it’s ready to eat. Good way to make popcorn balls too, if you have some food coloring.

dude,onions and garlic late at night…the missus must be over the moon!
is she french?

Hey, if ya both eat it nobody notices.

Which market? I don’t think I’ve ever seen those here in 20 years.

I buy them regularly at the night/day vegy market in Banciao off Jhongshan Rd. Between the County building and Kuangfu bridge. Drive down the lane about one block. There are several large veg. stands and one of them will have a nice supply.