Late pay

My employer has a problem with paying on time at a buxiban. No reason is given for why. It’s just late every other month practically or always late in the day. Can anything be done about this or just suck it up?

How late?

If it’s late in the day, you got no leg to stand on. There’s administrative work to be done.

If it’s like weeks/months late, then yea you need to complain.


I was supposed to be paid once on a Friday, and instead I got paid on a Monday. This was bad because I ended up missing a card payment and racked up penalties. Normally pay day is on the 10th (today), but now it’s being delayed to the 11th.

That’s so late. I pay TW employees before the end of each month. You’re being taken advantage of. Their CPA can calculate the numbers before the month is over. They’re just being lazy and dragging things out.


I don’t know, take it up with your employer. I’m not sure what the law is though.

But usually credit cards have grace periods, so if you’re a couple of day late they won’t penalize you.

The Ministry of Labor has formulated the “Guiding Principles for Agreeing on Wage Payment Dates and Wage Payment between Employers and Employers” to promote reasonable agreement on wage payment between employers and employees to protect labor rights and interests.

Labor Standards Act says
If wages are not paid on schedule, the competent authority may order the employer concerned to pay them within the prescribed period.

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I think it’s been said before, maybe you should just quit and while you’re at it demand the overtime pay they owe you.

If they’re paying late it means one thing, that the business is very poorly run, and it’s a matter of time before it folds.

They’ve been around for close to 15 years supposedly. I don’t know how it was run in the past, though. I’ve been complaining to the accountant, however.

Unfortunately I don’t think I got a grace period. I’d be making late payments far too often if that were the case.

Frankly, I’m not sure why they pay that late. It’s a bit of a mystery to me. After talking to the person dealing with this, it sounds like the person is overwhelmed. That + the micromanagement of having to check everything means that things don’t get done on time. It’s a real problem that can be seen through all the cracks in the business itself.

How so / why do you think that?

Yea like I said, business is poorly run. They’re paying you shit. If the business was well run they would pay you what the market is worth, or above it if you are that important to them. Nobody kills the hen that lays the golden egg.

And they micromanage the accountant, which again, means the business is poorly run. If the boss can’t even trust the accountant to do it right then they might as well do it themselves. It’s a waste of money to pay someone then micromanage them.

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