Late plans for Ch. New Year-Islands

My girlfriend just informed me that she wants to get away to one of the Islands off of Taiwan. I’ve never traveled to any of them and I don’t know anything about them. Does anyone recommend an Island? Which one would be the most interesting and fun? What we’re interested in doing mostly is just relaxing, going out to some nice restaurants and sightseeng. Thanks for any suggestions.

Your post is rather vague as the answer depends on what you and your girlfriend are interested in. Do you like water activities? History/Culture? etc.

Dunno about the islands on the eastern side, but Penghu would be nice if you want to relax on some beach and do some sightseeing, or Kinmen for the history (lot’s of places for sightseeing there but the few beaches there are not so nice).

Wouldn’t it be pretty cold and rainy on Jinmen and Mazu this time of year? I’d suggest Green Island or Orchid Island. I can’t imagine enjoying Penghu in the cold windy winter.

Ups, you are right. Totally forgot about the weather, in fact flights and boats are often cancelled/delayed at this time of the year.

It’d be pretty cold and very windy in Penghu this time of year. Not suitable for beaches.