Latest victim of the PC culture...Liam Neeson


You miss his whole point !

He said his behavior was horrible and wrong.

Honesty gets you nowhere with people who are eager to do ‘blame culture’.

You want lies ?


when you have a public image to uphold and you want to keep making movies its completely dumb.


Dumb, but honest. If more people felt safe to be honest about revealing their weaknesses and failings then those problems could be addressed. As it is, the fear of the pitchfork mob forces everyone to behave like defensive, duplicitous politicians. Harmful behaviours are kept hidden and therefore untreated.


I doubt he was unaware of the reaction he’d get. I would tend to think this was deliberate and not off the cuff.


Hes been on record as not liking PC culture before.


He may have been being deliberately provocative. Only he knows.

It seems unlikely to me, though, as he would have been aware of the impact on his career. I think he’s an honest man who speaks his mind. Reminds me a bit of James Woods.


What is wrong with people? Is everyone going mad? This is some next level PC crap. The man was pouring out some deep soul searching stuff about something that happened 40 years ago.
At this rate no one can speak about anything anymore. Most people say he should have just shut up which so scary to me. Why should he have? He wasn’t saying anything wrong. The election of Trump is the beginning of a backlash wave against PC culture and at this rate the dems will lose again.


I first read about this story when John Barnes popped up in my news feed. knowing his background and the work he has done against racism, I’m so glad I read his commentary on the situation, before I read all the other garbage floating around.

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What I hate is fake sensitivity to a certain subject!

I will say remember the past, learn from it, live in the now and think about the future!


It’ll be forgotten in a week or so when the next outrage comes along.


I’m OUT of RAGE…Feed me celebrity machine !


Katy Perry. Blackface shoes.

Liam who?



I doubt some of his own story. I presume this was in the UK or Ireland in which case i doubt it would be hard to get a challenge or a “What ya lookin at wanker” remark from any race while walking down the streets at pub closing time with an angry look on your face. He probably was fantasising about doing it but not that committed. If you really want it you can get it.It is not very likely a black man in a ski mask was going to jump from behind a bush shouting “Im going to rape you” to 6ft 3 inch 200+ pounds of Liam Neeson. However if he really wanted a confrontation with a black man he definitely could of had it.


The percentage of people in Northern Ireland who were black males 40 years ago would have been tiny.


It’s still tiny. They are pretty racist up there. Pretty everything -ist!

I should say a fair number of people are bigoted, not everybody.


Which was kind of the point John Barnes was making.

About 20 years ago I went to a funeral in Bangor. A distant relative asked me where I was living and I said south London. His reply was “too many blacks and catholics”. It was like that scene from Alan Partridge with the kitchen salesman.


In London a lot of black catholics too! I think they’re being out bred by the muslims lately. So it’s very brown, black, cold and expensive.
Curry with chips is great though and lots of exotic women not often.seen so much in the council estates of Norwich as compared to London. Where they have big guns, big buts, and fists the size of coconuts