Latest victim of the PC culture...Liam Neeson


Liam Neeson admitted he felt anger after a family member was raped by a black person, he admitted he was wrong for wanted to hurt a black person after that and now he’s being labeled as a racist. Crazy, the guy was just trying to say he was wrong for wanting to feel that way.


It’s really stupid of him to bring up stories like this during an interview. He shouldn’t have mentioned it. The story probably isn’t even true. He was probably high lol.


The key message is never be honest.


The key message is be smart while answering questions.


Yeah, be disingenuous and play the game.


There’s nothing genuine or sincere about publicity of a movie.


The key message never put yourself in a position where you can be harmed by the PC police. Unfortunately, if Neeson values a career making movies - what with Hollywood and its international equivalents dominated by the left and its superficial regard for real human emotion - he’s screwed.

Still, the key is to never rely on ginning up a display of having fucks you don’t honestly have.


Wow he only needed to make a phone call , really :woozy_face:


I think I agree with that. Do you think Neeson was on some kind of bonus to say something controversial but untrue?


Ehhh, he had a good run.


He’s still a big box office draw. He’ll be fine.

I guess eventually we’ll end up with a conveyor belt of bland movie stars prepped by their publicity experts.



wow that was pretty much a stupid thing to say. i’m sure most can just chalk it up to a dumb thing to say, a mistake which most likely wasn’t true (liam neeson was actually going to kill someone? really) and move on. ain’t gonna happen for the sjw cuck brigade though, they are going to tear him a new asshole. another one bites the dust.


I mean a family member getting raped can make you feel another level of anger. He said it was a feeling not that he actually was going to murder a man. I don’t know if it’s been checked out if his family member did get raped. But if that did happen I don’t think it would be crazy to feel that kind of anger directed at anything. Probably easier than feeling you’re helpless than to direct anger at a group of people.


well sure that was the point of why he was bringing it up. he could have just worded it a lot better, like a family member got raped and he wanted to kill the rapist, he was angry about it for a while. not so specific like he was waiting outside with a shank to specifically kill a black person. no two ways about it, it was a dumb ass thing to say.


I would have probably left that alone. You’ll offend anyone these days even if you mean well. Especially since he is in the public eye making millions. I wouldn’t answer questions outside of movies if I was a actor these days.


Yeah I read this and was like… “fool, ya fool!”

No, but in all seriousness, the poor guy was already apologetic. The last people could have done was acknowledge that he is feeling guilty and leave him be.


Can you relate to that? Rage needs to be dealt with in a mature way not through violence. He got angry , lost control and blamed it on black people. He will deservedly suffer terrible consequences as do all who target blacks with violence. .


It’s not a dumb thing to say.
He was actually just describing what he did and felt 40 years ago, and how he realised that was wrong.


Seriously, if we had to air out every bad idea and thought that crossed our minds before we realized it was bad…it would be a long long day.