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I am a Dutch woman, living in Taiwan for over 5 years, and married with a ROC citizen. We have a little daughter who has dual citizenship. We might end up having a divorce soon and I’m trying to find more information about my rights here in Taiwan.

I would like to keep custody of our daughter and therefore I am looking for more infornation about the Taiwanese law and getting the custody over our daughter.

Who has experience with law firms in Taipei and can recommand me a good firm? All kind of information is welcome…

Hi there,
Sorry about your story. But if separating is good for everyone, well…then it’s good too.

With regard of the law firms you are asking here, “Lee & Li” and “Tsar & Tsai” are two big well known law firms in Taiwan. One of them is also employed by my company which I currently work for.
But be aware, you’d receive a big bill in the end.
So perhaps you’d consider how much budget you’d go for legal consulting on this matter first?
Moreover, is there any possibility that you two can discuss and sort something out on the custody of your daughter?

I assume your relationship/ marriage is subject to Taiwan jurisdiction; under this circumstance, if you want to collect some information of legal rights you’d have, Taiwan Civil Code is possible the first thing you might want to look at.
Generally there are two types of divorces; either husband and wife can sort it out by themselves or they might file a divorce case to the court (refer to Taiwan Civil Code Article 1049 & 1050). As you might be aware, things usually go very ugly for the latter one.
If you are not preparing to go to the court, then you two may discuss the custody arrangement of your daughter during the split (Don’t forget the “alimony” part as well!), but remember to have all written in detail in your divorce paper which you can solely hire a lawyer to make a draft for you.
If you want your lawyer to negotiate the custody right with your ex-husband-to-be, then I can expect your legal fee may go higher.
For the custody, the rule of best interest for the children is applied.
If you’d argue this in a court, then you might have to consider which situation/ environment is the best for your daughter? whether you are financially independent? etc…

For the legal firm website you can clink on the following links
Lee and Li
Tsar & Tsai Law Firm

The full content of relevant Articles in the latest amended Civil Code you might need is attached as below; or you might fo to this clink to download the English version of Civil Code

Good luck and all the best

Article 1049 The husband and the wife may effect a divorce by themselves with their mutual consent; but in the case of a minor, the consent of his or her statutory agent must be obtained.
Article 1050 Divorce by mutual consent shall be effected in writing which requires the signatures of at least two witnesses, and by the divorce registration at the household administration authority.
Article 1055 After the husband and the wife effect a divorce, one party or both parties of the parents will exercise the rights or assume the duties in regard to the minor child by mutual agreement. If the mutual agreement did not or could not be done, the court may decide by the applications of the husband or the wife, the authorities concerned, the social welfare institution or any other interested person, or may decide by its authority.
If the mutual agreement is unfavorable to the child, the court may change the agreement upon the applications of the authority concerned , the social welfare institution or any other interested person or by its authority in regard to the interests of the minor child.
When the party who should but could not exercise the rights and assume the duties in regard to the minor child or did not protect the interests of the minor child, the other party of the husband and the wife, the minor child, the authorities concerned, the social welfare institution or any other interested person may apply the court to change the mutual agreement in regard to the interests of the minor child.
The provisions in the preceding three paragraphs, the court may decide the contents and methods of exercising rights and assuming duties for the interests of the minor child on the application or by its authority.
The court may decide the way and period of meeting or communication with the minor child by the application of the party who could exercise the rights and assume the duties in regard to the minor child, or by its authority. When the meeting or communication affects the interests of the minor child, the court may change it on the applications or by its authority…
Article 1055- 1 When the court makes the jurisdiction in the Article of 1055, it should be decide in accordance with the best interests of the minor child, consider all the conditions and the visiting reports of the social workers, especially check the following contents:
(1) The age, sex, numbers and healthy condition of the minor child.
(2) The willing of the minor child and the need of personality development.
(3) The age, occupation, character, health condition, economical ability and the life style of the parents.
(4) The parent’s willing and attitude of protecting and educating the minor child.
(5) The emotional feelings between the parents and the minor child or between the other persons living together and the minor child.
Article 1055- 2 In the case of the parents, both parties not suitable for exercising are the rights of parents, the Court should appoint a guardian in the best interest of the minor child in accordance with the preceding articles, and appoint the methods of guardianship, order the parents to assume the duties for raising the minor child and the methods.

Thanks a lot for all the information that you have given me, very useful. I’ll check out all the information later.
The reason why I want to contact a law firm first is to get a better idea of my rights and possibilities (alimony, investments, custody etc). I can use those arguments to negociate with my husband. Of course it will be better if we can settle without going to court, but I doubt it if that will happen.

For now he refuses to sign any paper, just because he wants to keep his life the way it is and to annoy me, so I also want to know if I can “force” him to sign… He knows that a divorce is the best thing between him and me, but he just can’t accept that he’ll have to give up his lifestyle, too. This last part is making me so upset, that I might be forced to stay because I can’t leave our daughter behind…

I have just checked the links to the 2 law firms, but the are both not specialized in custody/divorce cases.
Who has experience with other law firms in Taipei?

How about these?英文.htm

Maybe you may call and ask them to introduce a good one for you.