Lawyers, Guns and Money

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Murder plot charge stems from voting probe

Friday, Jan. 21 2005

Kelvin Ellis, a top administrator at East St. Louis City Hall, plotted to kill a witness in a federal vote fraud investigation, according to indictments opened Friday, which also accuse Police Chief Ron Matthews of apparently unrelated crimes.

Matthews is accused of helping a former auxiliary police officer with a felony record regain a pistol that had been taken from him, and of lying about it. That auxiliary officer, Ayoub S. Qattoum, and Matthews’ secretary, Janerra Carson-Slaughter, also were charged.

Ellis, 55, who once served a prison term after abusing a city post, is now the director of regulatory affairs, which puts him in charge of housing
inspections. He also is a precinct committeeman with close ties to the
community’s Democratic Party leaders.

The indictments accuse Ellis of trying to have an unidentified witness killed. Court documents say he is a target of an ongoing vote fraud inquiry. He also is accused in a separate indictment of income tax evasion.

The investigation became public last year when more than a dozen subpoenas were delivered to city Democratic Party leaders after the November election.

According to one of Ellis’ indictments, the investigation began at least a
month earlier. A female witness told agents on Oct. 5 that Ellis, “had
committed election fraud and other potential criminal offenses.” Ellis learned the same day of the substance of what she had said, the indictment states.

Qattoum is charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, gun violations and making a false statement. He was detained pending a hearing Friday. He has a passport from Jordan, and officials were not able to determine his native country. U.S. Attorney Ron Tenpas said Qattoum is not a U.S. citizen.[/quote] … ting+probe

East St. Louis is as good a reason as can be found to use carpet bombing as an urban renewal tool.

I cannot figure out what the story has to do with lawyers, guns and money. One might just as well say the story is about “Running, Guns, and Money” since Jackie Joyner Kersee is from E St Louis. Or the story is about “Muslims, Guns and Jordan” or “Runner, Muslims, and Passports” or …

If lawyers were not prosecuting Kelvin Ellis, then he would have more money. Is that the connection?

Judge Smails: I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn’t want to do it. I felt I owed it to them.