LCD inquiry

I’m planning to buy LCD monitor in GwangHwa.
I heard that different shops offer different policy for replacing LCD monitors with defective pixels.
e.g. min 7 dead pixels before the replace the LCD or 3 dead pixels.

Do you have any experience on this one?
Any shops that offer good LCD as well as good replacement policy for LCD?


I bought my Samsung LCD a while back one of the shops at NOVA near the train station. I didn’t ask about the warranty … as in effect with a brand name like that you are going have to deal with the manufacturer, not the shop that sold you. BUT, what I did is ask them to take it out of the box and fire it up on one of the computers in the shop. I insisted that they give me a white screen in “Notepad”. I refused to buy a LCD that even one pixel out at time of purchase. A year later I still have no pixels out. They told me that it was “against store policy” to let me look. I insisted. They caved in.

A second to Jeremy’s comments on warranties relating to the manufacturer, not the retailer.

I bought my Samsung SyncMaster 171P (an excellent monitor, though perhaps no longer the best) at a store in the 3C chain (bright yellow and black sign). I bought another Samsung monitor (for my in-laws) in the Guanghua area at a store that specializes in LCD monitors. The small store is on the east side of a little lane that runs perpendicular to Bade. It’s just a store or two south of Bade. Sorry, I don’t know the exact address or shop name. The employee I spoke with was knowledgeable and helpful … and agreed to cut the price when I found another store in the neighborhood with a slightly lower price.

i also bought a Samsung 152S in Guanghua at the 'authorized dealer store". no problems, no dead pixels, and the price was slightly cheaper than other stores i visited. i tried to make them open the box and give me a look-see, but could not make them cave-in. alas.

but fortunately, my monitor has been problem-free. I previously had a 17" Samsung Syncmaster which was beautiful and did not hurt my eyes after gazing for 10+ hours (diablo, surfing, etc).

Very happy with the quality of their monitors. I hear they make the LCD for the current 15" PBs (cf. to the 12 and 17 made by some taiwan local mfr).

BUT i wouldnt recommend the lower model samsung 15" lcds though.

I’m about to splurge on a 17" or 18" LCD. Is a DVI input that important for the general user? In one of the many LCD threads here, someone suggested it is important. Is the quality of a DVI signal input noticeably clearer? The DVI models seem about NT3K more. My graphics card has a DVI out, so I don’t want to make a mistake.

I suggest you hold off on your purchase for about a month because Computex Taipei will be held at the WTC in Taipei on Sept 22-26. That will be an excellent time to get great discounts on all kinds of computer stuff. So do your research in the weeks ahead, get some reference prices at the stores around the Kuanghwa market area, and then wait for Computex to see if (a) anything newer and better comes out, and (b) prices are discounted even more.

I am still in the dark ages with my CRT so pardon my question.

What is the big deal about getting a white screen with MS Notepad?

Would that make any non-working pixel on the LCD show up as an easily spotted dark spot on the white? Is that right? If so, that is a great tip for everyone to follow before taking home a new LCD.

Yes, it’s so you can see any black pixels. It’s probably a good idea to test it with a black image too, my notebook has a pixel that’s stuck on red. It’s a tiny one in the corner so I hardly notice it, but still…

Here’s my LCD comment, maybe someone can help. I have a Viewsonic VE155. It’s great, execpt when playing Counter Strike. It’s too dark even with the brithness all the way up. Does this problem plauge all LCD’s or if I bought a better one it would be a problem?

I almost feel like buying a CRT.

for serious gamers CRT is the best… 19" or 21" flat screen.
The main reason is LCD has really bad decay time.

On my laptop I have a 15" screen but while playing games or watching movies, I always connect it to a CRT

The CyberAthlete Professional League uses 19-inch CRTs for competition.

Dead pixels are not necessarily black, thus a white screen might not be sufficient.
Therefore try several colors which fill the entire screen to see dead people, I mean, dead pixels.

I just bought a gorgeous 17" Samsung 172T from TZone - NOVA was more expensive. Looked at an equivalent Viewsonic, but the Viewsonic has a much slower response time, making it less suited to watching movies & gaming.

I’m using the DVI connection, and it’s like seeing in colour for the forst time! :sunglasses: