Le grand nez cafe

There is a new foreign owned cafe, Le Grand Nez (the big nose cafe)

which provide free wifi,and mhhhhhh so delicious home made pastry,french style galette,and crepe,i love the enviroment.
They close on Tuesday.Open from 10am to 10h30 pm, really great and relax cafe, in a smalle street in front of the Veterans general hospital with a Burger king inside) this coffees shop’s addresse is below;

[color=red]11,Rongcheng 3 street. zuoying district[/color] ( le grand nez) Tel color=blue346-2352[/color]

just behind the Mintzu road ,or in front of the Hospital.

So check it out.

I went there and was surprise by their home made pastries,and good coffee. The boss is a Czech ,with his Taiwanese wife both of them are spoke french and english.

Awesome! I’ll check it out for sure. I live just down the road from there. :thumbsup:

And welcome to Forumosa kaohsiungsata. :slight_smile:


This place might be really hard to find for a lot of people. It is in a very small street.
Anyway the food is good. The prices OK too. It is all vegetarian food. They don’t serve alcohol. The owners were very friendly. The food is very French style. Apparently they have extra items available on Sat and Sunday.