Lead a lady by her nose

Not quite, the article has some rather important insights into dating, and how to sow your wild oats all around the place - smell dominant.

And - it’s rather interesting that a female breeding strategy is to be with a good provider/caretaker, and then get pregnant with a high quality gene man.

Pheronomes have also been known to make men “look” more attractive, IE the smell is one of succesful partner or something I guess.[/quote]

Actually, I couldn’t tell if Erhu was making a pun or being serious.

If you look at the “walk around naked” thread, it says there that you can tell smells but wipin’ someone’s butt with your hand. Maybe a girl would’nt complain about your smell if she’s doing that. And smellin’ it after. Monkeys do do funny things don’t they?