Learn Chinese by software

Have you ever use a software to learn Chinese? it’s more convenient and efficient,why not have a try?

I had learnt Chinese a few years,but due to working,I didn’t have much time to study,so my Chinese is poor always.but,three months ago,my friend recommend me a software which named SpeakEZ,really helpful and useful.

Such as,the software own an intelligent system that records the practice result and allow users to practice on the weaker sections consistently.

A powerful voice recognition system that allows to correct pronunciations on the spot. With a system that points out a problem instantly, no physical teacher is needed anymore!

In addition, SpeakEZ’s lessons comprise a lot of auxiliary games. After trainee completed the lesson, they can play some games to consolidate the lesson learned further and to achieve learning and playing simultaneously.

the software can be downloaded for free ,I think you should have a try.
it’s the website, good luck with you .

Wow! And you learned Chinese soooooo well using “a software” that it tragically impacted your English, reducing it to the level of, oh, say, a native speaker of Chinese! Which then, of course, meant that you had to purchase your domain in China!

Gosh, what are the odds?

There are more languages than just English and Chinese maybe the poster is French or Spanish or maybe Russian who knows.

He’s not French or Spanish or Russian, though. If he were, he’d make different errors. He makes Chinese speaker errors.

If he speaks Chinese, why would he be learning Chinese??? Also he says his Chinese is bad.

It’s a real mystery, isn’t it?

It’s free software. Seems like every thread I’ve read so far on this website has some grammar police jerk on it.

It’s “free” in the sense that they’ll give you nine courses that you can find for free anywhere else.

“SpeakEZ malware” turned up zero hits on Google, so I’m guessing that’s not the reason for the weird submission. It sounds like he’s promoting his own software.

But if you just want the nine lessons, why not have a try?

No, not grammar police, but it’s clearly a Chinese person saying they used their own software to learn Chinese. Kind of a fake thing to do. Bad marketing.

No, not grammar police, but it’s clearly a Chinese person saying they used their own software to learn Chinese. Kind of a fake thing to do. Bad marketing.[/quote]


It’s hard to believe that learn Mandarin could be an interested thing,
but if you choose the right way,such as software,why not?

These days,I have used a software to learn Chinese,
it’s so funny that I can’t believe my eyes.,especially the games.

1.Penalty kick:reality and wonderful.

2.Balloon run:improve oral quickly.

  1. Link up free: my favorite game.

the software is named “SpeakEZ”

So. Who thinks these are all genuine non-Chinese who are excited about a software product now? :smiley: