Learning Chinese through stories

This podcast I stumbled across uses very simple Chinese to explain a story. They talk about some topic, and explain a handful of new words each podcast, not in English but in Chinese. The explanations are deliberately kept quite simple using some basic vocab that intermediate speakers will probably have already acquired.

It is helpful for me as you hear a lot of those elusive joining words and how they are used by native speakers. Also if you understand the Chinese explanations of the new words, you don’t have to mess around looking stuff up in dictionaries, just sit there and listen. I think one marathon session I was listening to Chinese for 40 minutes, and understood a good portion of what I heard. I was pretty stoked about that. Then I turned on the TV the other day to understand sweet FA for about 15 minutes, that deflated my tyres, anyway not relevant here.

It is a mainland based podcast, but they speak clearly enough. The most recent podcasts are quite professionally produced too, in that you can tell they have some good quality mikes, consistent volume, no ear splitting laughter or that sort of thing you get on backyard jobs.



Looks interesting!

I also see this Chinese love stories, which is really touching me, share it with you.

Thanks bro