Learning Mandarin online

As long as you have MSN 6.0 installed on your computer, plus a microphone and headset.
Free to use the online Mandarin talking, to practice your mandarin if what you need is to talk more. :slight_smile:

Got some emails asking of the online mandarin…
Sorry for the “not clear description”.

  1. It’s free, no any fee/money needs to be paid.
  2. The teachers there are native speaker, and have no weird accent.
  3. Those who built this site are doing this for fun, they’re interested in this, not for making any money.
  4. Yes, you have to be a member of the site, just so they can manager your appointments. And it’s all free as well.
    Thank you again !

Another answer of the question i’ve got,
Yes, there will be more mandarin studying stuff, but just because the web designer has just got a new job, so kind of busy. But we’re working on it, really!!! If any idea of a better way to learn mandarin online, please email us or leave a message on the board of the site to let us know. Because we don’t really know what exactly people who are learning mandarin need.

It’s me again,
Put some flash cards on the site, just so someone who needs it could go and download it.
Looking forward to put more stuff on site.