Learning Taiwanese / Minnan in Taichung

Does anybody know a place where I can learn Taiwanese in Taichung?

The Maryknoll Center. 120 San Min Road, Section 1, Taichung, Taiwan 403
Tel: 886-4-2375-8433

Is that a Catholic school for missionaries?

I was wondering where all the Vietnamese Xinniang and Philippine care takers learn Taiwanese? Thanks anyway. I’ll check it out.

So I’m living in Taizhong and looking to take some Taiwanese classes. I’ve found a couple of schools that offer 1-on-1 tutorials, but they’re a tad expensive for my blood. Is there anyone in this fair city willing to split some tutorial time with me at either the Maryknoll center or at TLI? I’m probably looking to take between 5-10 hours/week in the morning, but I’m flexible. Send me a PM.

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Last year Tunghai had a couple of Taiwanese classes a week for. I don’t know if it is still happening or if it is enough for you.

Yeah, I checked with Donghai already. They do have classes, but they don’t start until July.