Leaving before tax return... what to do?

I am about to file my taxes from last year… but I’m also planning on leaving Taiwan at the end of June… what happens if i’m not here to get my tax return?

edit: and what do I do about my taxes from jan 1 2007 until june 2007?

I have acted as an agent a couple of times for people.

When you file last year’s taxes ask a good friend (very good- the cheque will be in their name) to act as your agent. If your return comes through before you leave all well and good. If not your friend can collect the cheque and put it in an account for you/wire it to you.

Be aware:

  1. If you’re counting on using your old Taiwan account to draw the money from make sure that you can use the card abroad (personally I wouldn’t trust this unless you’ve tried the card abraod first- however I have used my chunghwa account in several countries with no problems and if you’re english they have a branch in London).

  2. Before you leave you will need to file for this year too. If you are in Taipei city you can apply for a fast return (but you can only do this once so not advisable if you think you might return). If you can’t/don’t choose the fast return then the tax office won’t process your taxes until 2008, in case you come back. You’ll proabably get it around May 2008.

Provided you have someone you can trust to send you the money all should be cool.

Thanks Kitkat!! So in June before I leave I go and file for 2007 and I can have someone act as an agent for that return as well? Does a “fast” return mean I’ll get it withint a few days?

you can only do a fast return in TPE city AFAIK, I think you get it within 7 days- but you’ll have to double check, or you can leave an agent collecting your refund if you do it in the slow way.