Leaving Taiwan during arc application


I am in the middle of my arc application procedure. Normally this would be ready on 23rd of July. However I really have to leave Taiwan from 18th of july for around 2 weeks. Is this possible? My company suggested they would send the arc by post to my home country so I can enter with it.
I read somewhere you could get a letter that you are allowed to leave during the procedure? Can somebody confirm that? Thanks for the assistance.

Drop by NIA and ask them, I think you can get a pass or some sort of permit that your ARC is in process. So even without the ARC card yet, you can re-enter Taiwan.

This has happened to me twice. The first time they put a sticker in my passport that effectively served as a temporary ARC replacement. The second time, they offered to accommodate me by having my ARC ready a few days earlier. Just tell your situation to the immigration agency. It should work out fine.

Hi, is there any update how you enter taiwan again after leaving it during ARC being process?

Hey, so it is not a problem at all. If you drop by at NIA they will give you a paper that you show when entering Taiwan again. You take the immigration line for people with an arc.

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thank you very much for your update :smiley: