Leaving Taiwan: looking for a home to adopt our two cats

I have two lovely cats who are about 3 years old. We rescued them from the Government shelter when they were only months old and they’re litter box trained but sadly I have to move back home and I can’t take them with me. We would really want them to go to loving home and definitely not back into a shelter. Looking for a forever family to adopt them. One loves to be stroked but the other one is super shy. We move in September so I am asking now because I want to make sure that we are properly prepared to find them a good home.

Just curious, why couldn’t the cats go with? There are several threads that discussed how to bring a cat out of Taiwan.

Sure but one of them can’t be handled and taking them to the UK means catching her twice to take her to the vet before travel and then again for the flight and she can’t be handled when at Customs who will want to inspect her / scan her chip. The stress put upon her would be cruel. They’re like sisters so I want to keep them together.


Moreover, August is summer, which is no flight season for pets in some airlines.

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Not sure about uk, but I know in north Europe, hk and tw you will be there in customs to handle the import. The customs person just scans, while you can hold your pet

Your pets will not be handled by customs, you will do it yourself

Also, if I’m not mistaken, there is no quarantine to uk when importing from tw

HI Ben,

We’ve recently arrived from the UK, from a veterinary family and have had rescues myself before - we would be keen to have a chat about this. My wife and I are keen to get a cat but I’ve been pushing to adopt (for many reasons) and I think I’ve persuaded her to get over the cute factor.

Very happy to see that you want to check out the potential owners/home etc and would be happy to have you guys over to see our place. Please do send me a message and let’s chat, but obviously any other potentials reading this don’t be put off asking him - he may think I’m an assh*le!


I like to have a cat but right now my home/shop isn’t quite finished yet. I’ll be doing wood and metalworking and I will have to let the cats roam the shop otherwise they would be too confined.

How soon are you leaving?

Moving cats across international borders is highly stressful to cats and they bond to the location far more than they bond to it’s owners, moving them to a different house is bad enough let alone going through with all kinds of control.

If the OP had dogs I would say take them back to the OPs country because dogs bond with their owners intensely and I heard of dogs starving themselves to death because the owner either died or went away. The dogs will tolerate the process fairly well as long as they see their owners regularly.

Mid September so looking for a place for the cats before September 14th.

I will let you know once my place is ready. I am sure it will be done well before September.

Great. :slight_smile:

Flying into the UK can only be done as cargo which is expensive. The best option if you want to travel with it/them, is to fly direct to Amsterdam and then take a train to London.
That is what I will be doing later this year.
No chance I could leave them. One would probably die if I left it in a new home without me. I’ve been with her since she was around 8 days old.