Legal Advice on verbal abuse issues


Does anyone know of a place in Taipei where a person can go for some free legal advice? I seem to recall that the Taipei City government offered such a service.

The reason I’m asking…

A Taiwanese friend who just started working at a travel agency about a month ago called in tears today asking what to do about a boss who’s been abusing her verbally. He’s starting to get physical (threw an eraser at her, with oomph), and now she’s learned from co-workers that her predecessor suffered the same abuse for nine months before quitting. I don’t suppose anyone’s going to suggest reporting the guy to the police, are they? Her predecessor, she now hears, once went to the police with welts inflicted by a ruler, but they said the problem wasn’t bad enough for them to get involved.

I’ve suggested that she just quit right away, but she’s not sure about her legal footing, since her contract requires that she give three months notice. I’ve advised her to just forget about the contract provisions and get the hell out, but only after collecting evidence of the jerk’s abusive ways. Would others agree with this approach?

All advice appreciated.


If it was my friend getting treatment like that, I’d organise a few mates (big mates - maybe with baseball bats) to go and have a word with the boss.


Buy a little audio recorder and record his abusiveness…then say she is quitting and if he tries anything like deducting from her wages or taking her to court…she will air this to his customers or will use this tape in court

Also if he does hit her with rulers etc…she should have a camera on hand to take a photo as soon as possible.

If this is legal or not it doesn’t matter… but if she does do this…she should then get the hell out of there…

Preferably if she has got some friends or brothers she should ask them to call round late at night with her letter of resignation… sort the guy out…ruff him up a bit… agree that he will pay the girl in full what he owes her in salary the following day…that’s the Taiwan way!


Have you tried to file a complaint with the Awakening Foundation? You should be able to find their contact information on the internet.

That is a woman’s group and to my knowledge they are very helpful in dealing with sexual harassment and related topics. I think that verbal abuse would also fall into their area of concern.


Many thanks to Bu Lai En, Zhukov, and Richard Hartzell for your suggestions on my friend’s situation. Bu Lai En’s idea about rounding up some beefy friends was the first thought that came to my mind, of course. But nah, it ain’t gonna happen. I also liked Zhukov’s idea about the mini tape recorder, and had suggested that to her. A big thumbs-up to Richard Hartzell for pointing my friend to the Awakening Foundation. Slap on forehead! That was an excellent idea that I hadn’t thought of. I gave her the following contact info last night:

台北市婦女新知基金會 (婦女新&#30693
Awakening Foundation

Thanks again for all the help.