Legal aid & other rights for foreigners

This is available for “ferners”, too?

Of course, who else is going to help the Southeast Asian domestic and construction workers get paid?

are they really considered foreigners here? OK, let me go further…

As I get it, the folks from SEAsia are treated -governmentwise…rather differently than the paler folk from N/SA and EU. Anywhere from citizenship to hukuo, things seem more in their favor than others.

The law is set up to treat “blue collar” and “white collar” foreign workers differently (as we’ve discussed before), not only in employment but also in immigration. Obviously the tendency for blue collar foreigners to be from one region of the world can and does result in a perception of institutional racism.

The Legal Aid Foundation will not reject you for being a foreigner unless you’re outside Taiwan (with some exceptions) or an illegal immigrant (with exceptions for victims of human trafficking). There are some other conditions, e.g. they won’t take you if your lawsuit is against the Foundation itself, and of course they want to see proof of your income and assets (or lack thereof).

I can’t actually speak for them, so I recommend reading their website. It has an English version.

As for Taipei City Hall, I’m not aware of any discrimination against foreigners in the free lawyer consultation service, other than the lack of foreign language service. The labor department in New Taipei (Banqiao) has speakers of Southeast Asian languages on staff.

I wear T-shirts to work, I am collarless.

Fair enough. Not asking for anything specific. For reference. Maybe.