Legal Employment


I was just reading this thread stickied at the top

and a post by brian stated this
2. Government elementary and high schools can only offer legal employment opportunities to foreign teachers under limited circumstances. In these cases teachers need to be qualified teachers with a degree in education and a teaching licence back home. If you cannot meet these academic requirements but are offered a position in a government school then that position is most likely illegal.

Does this mean that if I dont have a teaching license I can’t teach in Taiwan? Or are there other schools other than government schools?

I have a degree in IT and am tired of my career and want to move to Taiwan for at least a year and I figured teaching would be a good way to spend my time.


No need to worry, Poena. The majority of teaching jobs do not require a teaching license.

You’ve got Buxibans (cram schools)- Language schools that children attend after their regular school hours. Some also cater to adults. Legal
Kindergartens- For younger kids, during the day. Loads of teaching jobs- Illegal but tolerated.
So you can find a job here. All the best. :thumbsup:

By ‘governement schools’, they mean government-run, publicly funded schools. As in most countries, unqualified foreigners don’t work there, legally (unless they are married to locals?).

There are lots of private places who couldn’t care less that you only have an IT degree.

You don’t need a teaching certificate. I have never been asked for one and, as an aside, don’t have one. But if you have a B.S. in any discipline, you will have no problem. Of course, if you have an advanced degree, you will find more opportunities.

sounds good…i’m also an ABC so hopefully that doesnt hurt my chances too much.

I’m trying to figure out if it’d be easier to get a job before I move or move first and start looking. It’d definately be better to have something lined up before the jump though.

Private elementary, junior and senior high schools can not process work permits for foreign teachers without a teaching certificate either. They can hire you without a teaching certificate if you have permanent residence here and don’t need them to apply for a work permit.