Legal requirements to hire a live-in maid/caregiver?

Can a foreigner on APRC hire a live-in Filipino maid/caregiver? Can a maid/caregiver be hired directly, or only through one of those scammy brokers with ties to criminal gangs? What are the pay requirements and what rules have to be followed?

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Different employer qualifications for family nursing job and household service job.

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Thanks, I read through it. The person has balance problems, which is one of the qualifying problems (as well as worsening arthritis, which isn’t). How severe do the balance problems have to be in order to qualify? Can any doctor certify, or does it have to be done through a specific testing program?

Iiuc, the evaluation should be done at any hospital listed here.

You may ask at social welfare department of your local government.

Here is how to apply for hiring, in English
and Chinese.

Direct Hiring