Legal status of Iraq, Afghanistan

i’m not a lawyer. please bear with my ignorance.

iraq lost a war with a foreign aggressor. the foreign aggressor now occupies the former independent nation of iraq. right?

so…is irag now under the control of the US? is iraq, as being under control of the US, now part of the US? are babies born during this USoccupation possessors of US citizenship rights/privledges?

I guess the US could say that they are part of US territory and that all Iraqs and Afgans are now US citizens if it wishes. But it doesn’t.
Embassies have reopened in Kabul, so I guess they are still independent, just happen to be controlled by the US.

Afghanistan and Iraq are now again feudal spaces with foreign occupation forces.

There is no real legal status
They have lost no war because legally there was no war.
The USA-UK self-designed world legislators, police and judges.
It is a fact one should assume.

Even if, de facto, they