Legality of Non- Licensed Tutoring?

Good evening everyone.

I am considering renovating the 1st floor of my home and turning it into a classroom. I am hoping to teach my tutors there. I’ve heard as long as its 5 students or less, I would not need a business license, inspection, zoning etc. I could just start.

Is this true? I of course have an APRC, so there are no issues with work permit legality.

Thank you in advance

I thought it was four students. Apart from that you are good to go as far as I know.

Thank you for the reply BigDave. I think you are correct. It may be 4.
Could I also create a sign and advertise for this small studio tutoring classroom? Make it look like a class, create a storefront name etc Is that pushing it? Or all good?

No I don’t think you can openly recruit students in any way if you aren’t a licensed buxiban.

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The “it depends on how many students you have (or have had)” rule applies in Taipei but not anywhere else afaik.

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